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BB: If you could play on stage with anyone alive who would it be?
Pete: Like five years ago I was having big dreams about being on stage with Phish. I was having vivid dreams about being on stage with Trey and Mike and Page. That band is totally evolved. There are four guys that are playing real music. You may not necessarily like what theyíre doing, but you know that itís real. When theyíre playing theyíre really creating. From 1992 to Ď96, that band set a lot of things straight for me. Really influenced me.
Josh: Like Pete, I have vivid dreams too. For me itís U2. I think I had my first ďon stage with U2Ē dream when I was 10 years old. I had a dream recently that ďWhere The Streets Have No NameĒ was starting and I had to get out on stage and play the guitar. Larryís clicking his sticks and Iím like "Damn.Ē
Adam: Iíve always had the idea that if you could put a band together that I would want to be a part of it would have Bob Dylan's songwriting, Van Morrisonís voice, Bruce Springsteen's energy and U2ís band production. U2 is a great example of a band that is greater than the sum of its parts. None of them are the leading player at their instrument, but they manage to create something that goes beyond. But I guess the person that has been the biggest influence on me would be Bob Dylan.
Jordan: I donít feel like I would ever want to play in a band with anybody besides these guys. But I have dreams of being on stage with the guitar and singing with my favorite singers backing me up and singing behind me. Gillian Welch. Patty Griffin, sheís my favorite, by far my biggest songwriting and vocal influence.

BB: What do you hope to be doing in music in a few years, and what to you hope to have accomplished by this time next year?
Adam: I would just say a year from now, as a small goal, to be doing this full time.
Pete: To be able to quit our jobs. Although I love being a carpenter.
Josh: Some of the greatest people who every lived have had to abandon carpentry for a higher calling. (Laughter)
Pete: Iíve said it before, the goals I have for this band are (1) Platinum Album, (2) Grammy, (3) Hall of Fame. Those are the lofty goals.
Adam: The guy weíre working with in Nashville said to us, ďIf you guys want to sell two or three hundred thousand albums, have a cult following around he country thatís great, but it doesnít involve me. I want you guys to be the last band that I work with. Our goal is to have those six little platinum albums up on the wall and just sit back and collect checks.Ē
Pete: Now that it seems that this band is on the brink of something stellar, I actually have a son to consider. So ideally, if I could quit my day job and play a couple of gigs and sell a million albums, that would just give me more time to be with my family. Thereís a balance with daily life vs. being a musician. Because I for one am not the animal to go out on the road forever and just say ďscrew everything, lets go.Ē I think this band has come this far because none of us have had to sacrifice our lives to be in it.

BB: What do you hope people will get out of your music?
Adam: I think hopefully what we have gotten out of everyone elseís music that has affected us and changed our lives. I was a politics major in school and at some point I realized that the things that had affected me most were not the laws that people had made but the things Iíd read and the music Iíd listened to, and those were the things I wanted to be involved in. And to be a part of that tradition. Iíve said this before but the first time I broke up with a serious girlfriend I donít know where I would have been without Bob Dylanís Oh Mercy album and Van Morrisonís Enlightenment album, I might have just jumped off a bridge or something. Itís those types of things that get you through the pain train; itís the type of thing that helps you to enjoy the good times more and helps you get through the bad times. Thatís what music has done for me, and thatís what I hope it can do for other people.
Pete: Thatís the kind of stuff as a musician that you donít always hear about. Bob Dylan doesnít know you broke up with your girlfriend freshman year, and wouldnít have gotten through life without his album. But for me, if our music can inspire other music, if my drumming can inspire kids to want to play drums, then thatís the greatest gift. If I hear some band cover a T song on the radio, thatís the biggest compliment you can ask for.

BB: What advice would you guys have for aspiring local musicians?
Josh: If you donít have anything to say. Donít play music. Do something else. If your goal is to play because you think it would be ďwicked coolĒ to play the guitar, just do us all a favor and do something else.
Jordan: Iíd like to see some more girls out there. Having been involved in the Boston Folk scene, and seeing all the hundreds of girls out there doing exactly the same thing, Iíd like to see some girls who can actually play an instrument, and do it well.
Adam: I think thatís one thing that makes Jordan unique is that she is a female bass player who is more than competent, just outstanding at her instrument. You see female musicians sometimes, almost as a gimmick, but thereís something so cool about what Jordan does.
Pete: Keep dreaming. Keep trying. And donít quit your day job until you can.
Adam: Donít play gigs you hate, because itíll make you hate the music. Iíve seen more bands break up that were really good because they began to hate playing music. Weíve known a number of really great bands and musicians and the grind can really wear on you playing clubs, clubs, clubs, for no money no money no money, with other bad bands. Pace yourself, and pick and choose what you play so that you can continue to love what youíre doing. Thatís why all of us do it.

BB: Thank you all for talking to Boston Beats.
Pete: Thank you, and thank you for coming to my house.


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