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A Walk Through Whitsett Guitar Works

Bill Whitsett thinks he isn’t an artist, but he’s wrong. “There’s a big art scene here in Lowell,” he explains. “When I first came here people said ‘Oh you’re an artist, you fix guitars,’ but I don’t think of myself that way. I’m a mechanic. Although I appreciate there’s a difference between this and fixing an Oldsmobile.”...   More...

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CD Reviews

Chris Trapper - Gone Again
(2005 Always Gone Music/SESAC)
Some albums manage to be more than music, more than song or sound. If you catch it right, and if you’re open to it, they are windows into moments, and invitations to truth. No great Truth, mind you, other than what it feels like to be on the road, or sitting in your backyard on a warm day, or in love. Some albums are something more. Chris Trapper’s Gone Again is...

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LIVE Reviews

The New Pornographers

February 27, 2006 @ Avalon

The New Pornographers played in front of a packed house who eagerly waited for the headliner, Belle & Sebastian. The Vancouver-based band showed flashes of brilliance, yet seemed to somehow miss a beat without their power pop leader, Neko Case. They played most of the Twin Cinema album lacking effort or emotion.   More...

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November 26, 2005 @ Club Passim

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November 6, 2005 @ Brookline Rocks!

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October 28, 2005 @ The Orpheum


September 29, 2005 @ Bank of America Pavilion

Ben Folds with Rufus Wainwright

August 5th, 2005 @ Bank of America Pavilion


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Fast Times

on Mass Bay Lines

Boston Beats would like to thank all who joined us on Friday, September 3rd for the Mass Bay Cruise Lines Music Cruise with Fast Times. The show was nothing short of a party with dancing, nostalgia and plenty of drinks for all. We would like to send a special thanks to Marc, Adam, Sophia, John, Greg, and Mass Bay Lines' Kelley Yelle for making the show possible.   More...

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Music In The News

Boston Music Awards Winners

Karmin, Mean Creek, David Wax Museum in the winner's circle at the Liberty Hotel

If there is one theme in this year's list of Boston Music Awards winners, it's the heavy slew of repeat offenders.  

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U2 Upstages Carey With Five Grammy Awards

Will Microsoft/ MTV's music marriage hit right chord?


Lessons with Patrick DeCoste

Take Your Pick:
A Quick Look At Various Picking Techniques

Guitar picking, similar to guitar playing, can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. Most people are content with the basic up/ down picking patterns whereas the more you delve into tone, feel and approach, you may find you'll get more mileage out of using various picking techniques to add variety and diversity to your playing. For this lesson, I'll be...   More...

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