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BB: Which of your own record is closest to your heart?
JG: Towards the Sun is the closest to my heart because itís more of a survival story then the rest of them. But the first record, the self-titled album, is closest to my fansí hearts. That record for me was innocent, and itís really vulnerable. And thatís most likely what the audience likes about it, that itís so human, and there are wavers and cracks in my voice that makes it a really close and intimate listen. But for me, I find it almost too naked, and maybe embarrassing to some point. Itís pure and itís cool, but Towards the Sun is strong, and for me itís more important to have strength in what youíre delivering. And itís only about 45 minutes long. I like that itís so concise, and that each song is its own little pop song.

BB: Do you prefer playing at a studio or playing out?
JG: I like aspects of both, but I like the way I sound in the studio better than at the clubs. A lot of time you come to a gig and itís not set up to really make you sound the best. In the studio you get an idea in your head and you open up your mouth and you put it through the mic and there it is it is, actualized. Iím inspired by that. You hear it like you dream it.

BB: What makes a good show?
JG: There is this intoxicating bliss that goes on. Itís a moment that the group and the audience share, where nobody was repressed, no oneís holding anything back. You get on stage and inspire people through your honesty. I go up on the stage and completely disarm myself; there I am, going for it. Iím not James Brown, Iím not a band leader, but if I do the work maybe I can help that guy in the front row whoís hoping someone helps him get his hands out of his pockets, and get into the music. Wake something up in him.

BB: You do a lot of covers on stage, it makes for a really fun show. What made you decide to do so many?
JG: Like I said, I am a singer first, and I love just singing. So if there is a song I like, I donít mind doing it. The best one, the one I get most drive out of doing is ďA Change is Gonna Come,Ē which is an old Sam Cooke song.

BB: What do you think of the fans of Boston?
JG: The fans in Boston are really really great and they have been super good to me ever since I played Earth Day down at the Hatch Shell. Itís just been great. Boston is always good to me, and I donít even know why. Iím just thankful for it.

BB: Youíve played with some big people over the years. Who were you most excited to meat?
JG: Well shit, Iíve played with a lot of people. Iíve done shows with Tori Amos. But I was most excited to meet David Bowie. It was kind of weird and cool, to be on the same record with him. The fact that we were able to cross paths on a project and talk about it, not so much as ďan artist and a fan,Ē but as two guys on a record, that was real cool. Bruce Springsteen was nice too. I did a benefit with him in Jersey. You know, sometimes you donít think you going to react a certain way, but when a guy walked me up and introduced me to Bruce Springsteen, I was standing there, like, ďDude, what the fuck, youíre The Boss, man, holy shit.Ē I didnít realize how awesome that was going to be. I really respect what he has carved out with his audience.

BB: If you could play onstage with anyone alive who would it be?
JG: I would like to actually sit down and be in the studio with Prince, and this is just because of the Musicology years, this record and tour now as a mature man. He's playing music from another place, and the strength and the directness of his stage performance now is just something. You know, Iíd like to just hang out and have him help me get it.

BB: What do you hope people get out of your music?
JG: Thatís hard. I donít know. Ultimately it gives me pleasure that people allow me to come sing for them. I get to do that for a living, so Iím happy if itís making them happy. I go up there and do whatever I want for two hours, the club pays me, and people pay me with their applause. I see the glee in their eyes. Thatís the whole point: to give them what they want. You give them what they want and suck it up and rock the hell out of the thing.

BB: What advice would you have for starting musicians?
JG: Advice? (Laughs.) Donít listen to me, man. Just follow your heart, and have the courage to follow it.


Jeffrey Gaines plays The Attic on Saturday November 5th.
http://www.unionst.com/ for details.



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