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Jennifer Tefft


Jennifer Tefft w/ SameAsYou

April 24, 1998 @ The Attic, Newton, MA

Despite the combined competition of a Sox game, a Bruins playoff game and a noisy bar, Jennifer Tefft and Rattlebox started off a long night of music with a strong, attention-grabbing set. Firing her "J-team" into a funky groove, Tefft gesticulated and articulated a myriad of positions and passions. Even when her vocals were stronger than her diction, the haunting slurs set their own moods. Backed by thumpy drums, tech-y six-string bass and pedal-swirled squealing guitar work, Tefft's falsetto pops and at times slurry lyrics became languidly instrumental in and of themselves. Ending the set list with a wild, care-free cover of "Tainted Love" (the Levi's song), Tefft tacked on a dual-tempo, sleepy and seductive to wake up n' rock command encore which got the crowd roaring right on through the set change.
After constructing their three Roland rigs and completing a rather goofy sound check, SameAsYou kicked-off a second-line drum line which was eventually set-off by a thunder-snap bass riff. The rhythm section firmly established, the rest of the band decided to enter. Unfortunately, they all entered at the same time, making for a set filled with all-to-the-front competition and often indecipherable noise. Mixing happy Dead Milkmen raves, mellow thrashes and string-snapping monster mashes, and even some eastern twirls and polka pops, SameAsYou pleased their imported fans, but the set was not too friendly to newcomers. Despite layered breaks which allowed a few of the instruments to reach out of the musical mud, the addition of a horn section only exacerbated the clamor. By the time the seemingly endless closing noodle was twirled up, it was hard to say what had been heard.

- Matt Robinson
1998 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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