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The Jennifer Tefft Band


The Jennifer Tefft Band – B-Sides To Nothing
Gypsy Spin Music (P.O. Box 113, Medfield, MA 02052)

A veteran of countless marquee showcases, including the Boston Music Awards, the 1998 Levis/Lilith Fair Showcase, the 1998 Discmakers Independent Music World Series and a special performance with Boston’s lords of rock, Aerosmith, Jennifer Tefft sings emotive stories of devotion and despair. Backed by the deep rhythms of bassist Jason DeWaard and drummer Jim Hollister, this established gypsy also spins her occasional guitar work with the solo Strat swirls of John Parillo, a trio who definitely know how to rattle the box. Though some of the tunes meld musically into somewhat indistinguishable but coherent themes, there are notable standouts even among these motifs such as the funk-rock grooves of “Not Far To Go,” “Never Look Down,” and “From This Window” and the anguished defiance of “Prove” and “No Vacancy.” Throughout, Tefft’s controlled creaks and cries demand close attention which is rewarded by her sharp lyricism, which includes this misguided notion that “I’m nothing special yet.” If these are the “B-Sides,” Tefft is sure to rate an A!

- Spencer Matthews


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