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Entrain CD Release Party

March 31, 2000 @ Harpers Ferry

To say that the six-man drum intro was thunderous would be an understatement. Still, the impeccable arrangement gave each member of the En-train a distinctive and distinguishable sound. As the opening onslaught emptied into the crowd favorite “Fresh” (which still was very much so), Major, Tom held the troops together rhythmically and bass giant Ned Nugent barked down at his mic, laying down grooves as smooth and low as he was lumberous and tall, while the rest of the front line participated in a bit of ska-reography between Sam Holmstock’s hatless sax solos, Hilary Noble’s intermittent sax and drums and Klem Kilmek’s sharp ‘bone breaks. Klem’s Italiano squeezebox introd Ned’s vocal lead for a new chugger entitled “Off This Train” which also featured front man Brian Alex’s Latin Strat lines and fret-slicing solos. “Back In A Minute” was a funky tune a la Vineyard neighbor James Taylor. “Mother Street” (from the band’s last album, “Can You Get It”) used a zydeco-ed Bo Diddley hand jive to get the crowd tapping their toes. And when Tom’s solo opened into Alex’s Winter-y guitar re-reentry, the place was as electric as Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. That Tom’s drum set was set upon cases of beer only enhanced the party mood. The bellowy ballad “Nancy” mixed Sinatra-style lyrics with reggae dancehall sway and Carnivale horn stomps. No Entrain set would be complete without “Dancin’ In The Light,” and the boys served it up with full force and fun. How could anyone possibly sleep through this song? It demands dancing, especially in this tongue-twisting up tempo version. Closing out the set was the new album’s closer, “Arm Yourself,” a grumbly call and response featuring Holmstock’s sax. Though the set was not “All One,” the crowd and the band were united in fun.

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 2000 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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