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Entrain – All One
(Dolphin Safe)
Produced by Tom Major and Brian Alex
Recorded at Rear Window Studio, Brookline, MA
Engineered by Dave Lefowitz
Mixed by Bob St. John and Dave Lefkowitz at Parr Audio Studio, Oak Bluffs, MA and Sean McLaughlin at Futura Studios, Boston

The Bay State’s favorite get-up-n-boogie band is back with another dozen danceable ditties. Opening with the Afro-Bayou enviro-conscious second line march of “Letter to the World,” All One unifies international sounds from New England to New Guinea and all party points between. Bassist Ned Nugent’s “Off This Train” (whose rhythm is loosely reprised as “Mondo Surdo”) takes a page from The Jungle Book that would make King Louie jump, jive and wail. Nugent’s “Different Paradigms” admits its lyrical complexity through a simple dancehall beat, while “Arm Yourself,” closes the album with another chorus-heavy cruncher which mixes thick and warm, India-tinged swirls of Lenny Kravitz, Peter Gabriel and Ozzy Osbourne. Guitarist Brian Alex’s pieces (some co-written with founding drum master Tom Major) are bouncier and more story-driven. “Back In A Minute” uses 50’s rock themes to tell of life on the road and a longing for home (a more optimistic and musically old-fashioned cousin of Kiss’s lone chart-topper “Beth”). “Nancy” takes lyrics from Sinatra and rhythms from Santana. While “Jolly Green Giant” may be no more than a playful kiddie tune, “Fresh” brings Sam Holmstock, Klem Klimek and Hilary Noble’s sax-socked ska back to the line, nearly capturing the punch and energy of the band’s legendary live shows.

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 2000 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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