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Asa Brebner


Asa Brebner CD Release

February 25, 2000 @ Lizard Lounge

After a repetetive set by Slide and an eclectically brilliant (and all too short) combo of Willie Alexander and The Either/Orchestra, long-term troubadour Asa Brebner took to the oriental rug for an extended set of crowd faves and new offerings from his latest album, I Walk The Streets. Mixing twangy Strat strokes and Telecaster touches with beefy bass lines and tight rockabilly rims, Brebner and co. ripped through classic covers like the fittingly descriptive “Round and Round,” some delicious Albert King and some ad-Venture-some silver bullets and floor-pumping rave-ons. Combining Seuss-ian rhyme with simple brilliance, Brebner told tales of misogynistic memories of a modern hater with just enough lyricalism to make them songs. Borrowing its guitar line from The Byrds, “Goin’ Home” was a bit Mellencamp-y but not too Petty. “Unhappy Birthday Girl” was another McGuinned balllad, while “Love Only Makes The World Go Around” was more a Stone-y roller. By enthusiastic request, Brebner closed with a surfy beat poem encore and his old school yell-along “Babes in the Bar” (again, fittingly descriptive). And as fans like Mike Piehl, Jackson Cannon, Jess Klein and label head Russ Gershon sang along with the rest of the go-going crowd, Brebner kept his friends and fans going so hard that, when the night officially ended (i.e., according to town ordinance), many refused to leave until the last chair had been put up.

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 2000 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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