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Asa Brebner


Asa Brebner - I Walk The Streets

A self-proclaimed “wandering minstrel,” Asa Brebner has walked the streets of song for many years. On his latest album, he takes a moment to show you his musical photo album.
Opening with the all-too-familiar bullhorned cry of the Cambridge DPW, the tile track is a breezy, behind-the-beat Byrd-ian bounce propelled by Morphine skin man Billy Conway. “Unhappy Birthday Girl” opens with Springsteen chimes, then drifts into Petty structures which are sure to break your heart. As with many troubadours, Brebner touches repeatedly on themes of romance and loss.Unlike many of his musical colleagues, however, Asa takes a more direct and active approach on songs like the cynical heart-pounder “Love Only Makes The World Go Around” and the jaunty jew-harped porch rocker “Thru With Girls” (which is raggedly reprised at album’s end). As for his other musical motif, Brebner looks back at the idea of looking back through such thoughtful tunes as “Don’t Ever Lose A Memory,” “Turn Back The Pages” (another reference to McGuinn?) and “At Least Nobody Has Our Memories,” another lamenting swayer featuring John Sands on drums and Borther Cleve on keys.
Brighter than Brebner’s live act yet still sweetly sibilant and pleasantly rough, Streets is a great place to walk with an road-tested minstrel through a variety of musical cities and towns, meeting and losing loves and gathering memories.

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 2000 M. S. Robinson, ARR

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