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May 5, 2005 @ Agganis Arena, Boston MA

Strutting out in an Armani suit behind purple hazy lights, Sting waved to the packed house, excited to be back in Boston. He told the crowd that they seemed a little different than in years past. After a slight lull, he mentioned that the fans seemed a little more confident, and that it must be because the Red Sox won the World Series. Suburban housewives screamed like teenage groupies, couples embraced, and the band was ready to rock the recently built Boston University hockey arena. The spotlight gleamed off his blonde hair and the body of guitar as he opened with a high-energy version of Message in a Bottle. His meaningful lyrics and quirky dancing melted every woman into her chair.

The minimalist stage production of the Broken Music Tour keeps the focus on the music, with no fancy projection screens, canned video, or special effects. The four piece band included singer/bassist Sting on stage, guitarist and longtime band mate Dominic Miller, guitarist Shane Fontayne (Lone Justice, Bruce Springsteen) and drummer Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle). With over 20 years of music to select, the band sprinkled in some recent hits along with most of their old ones such as Roxanne and Synchronicity.. Sting acknowledged The Beatles for paving the way for his career and “giving him the confidence to write and play music.” Afterwards, he performed “A Day in the Life,” which highlighted the drummer’s talent. After two hours and three encores later, the former English teacher and crew gracefully ended the show with Every Breath you Take, leaving fans fulfilled. In the end, it is reassuring to see a celebrity artist captivate the audience with raw music instead of cheap special effects.

-Pratik R. Patel



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