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The Proclaimers


The Proclaimers

March 18, 2004 @ The Paradise

Armed with the same thick glasses and even thicker Scottish brogues that made them a hit almost a decade ago, the twins who once claimed to walk "500 Miles" for the sake of a woman made the trek across the pond to Boston to promote their latest album, "Born Innocent." Opening the set of rapid-fire three-minute tunes with the spare and hollow title track, the twins who were touted as "two of the UKís best songwriters" channeled another famous British songwriting pair (i.e., McCartney and Lennon) with the first of their many Skiffle-influenced tunes, the bouncy "Hide My Love." This ditti-fied direction was pervasive throughout the night, recurring in such songs as "Role Model" (an old-fashioned tribute to contemporary career women) and the surfy Edmunds-esque "Should've Been Loved." When not keeping the crowdís feet tapping, the Proclaimers had them pondering with the political "Cap in Hand" and the traditional "Scotlandís Story," both of which got some kilts in a bunch with their provocative lyrics. Amidst these lighthearted bouncers and heavier statements, the band mixed in familiar favorites like the rousing "Letter from America," the determinedly plodding "Iím On My Way," the aforementioned crowd pleaser "500 Miles," and a cover of "Five O'clock World" that had the bandís at times lazy drummer up and dancing! With the vocals far in the foreground, the boysí often indecipherable lyrics acted as an additional instrument, adding lush new layers to the steady rhythms and clean guitar and pedal steel work. Overall, it was a refreshing reminder of what impassioned songwriting can bring.

- Matthew S. Robinson
c. 2004, M. S. Robinson, ARR

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