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September 18, 2000 @ Bill’s Bar, Boston

As the gear up for their debut release, the boys of Lifehouse stopped by Beantown for an early-week early show. Opening with meaty rhythms featuring drums which occasionally fell behind, only to clamber back on top, the band also sported some hummy guitars which ghosted vocal harmonies through some of their watery guitar leads and ‘round the bend choral hooks. Led by slightly metallic vocals steeped in the Vedder-Weiland-Thomas school, the band seemed to come around to four-beat crushers from a variety of directions, including arppegiated ballads and open pop springs. “Only One” was melodic Metallica with a Pearl-y Matchbox vibe, especially in the vocals. The band’s first single “Hanging by a Moment”was heavy, but the melody held, even amidst an up-front mix. “Sick Cycle” wandered down a moody ballad road before climbing on a tuneful guitar-go-round. Throughout the show, an exuberant fan gave the rest of the room a violently acrobatic floorshow which kept many of the assembled industry types entertained almost as much as the young, energetic band itself.

- Matthew S. Robinson
c. 2000 M.S. Robinson, ARR


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