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Paula Kelley

Paula Kelley CD Release

September 22, 2001 @ T.T. The Bear’s Place, Somerville, MA

With friend and label mate Ad Frank on the boards, Ms. Kelley opened with the two-timed rock of her latest album’s opener, “Two Possible Answers (The Road),” then proceeded to present a set of her famously peppy pop tunes. With her leather bandolier strap, tightly pulled back hair and severe face paint, it appeared as if Paula was trying to break out of her sweet stereotype, but her signature juvenile whispered taunts balanced well with her supportive boy band, who kept an impressively solid balance up throughout the set. From the well titled doo-wopped pacing of “Slug” to the accelerated countrified bounce of “Lucie” and a pairing of The Beatles’ “Sun King” with Kelley’s own “Over Your Head,” the tempos changed enough to keep the audience interested and even dancing. The harmonic builds of “Light Under the Door” ramped up to near head-banging levels, but resolved to a gentle and comforting chorus which revealed Kelley’s true arranging talents. Leather aside, it was a pleasant and satisfying set from one of Boston’s signature voices.

- Matthew S. Robinson
c. 2001, M. S. Robinson, ARR


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