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Shirley Horn


Shirley Horn

June 11, 2004 @ Scullers, Boston

Attended by a small entourage befitting a queen of vocal Jazz, Shirley Horn looked as glamorous as ever and sounded even better! With her gown and gloves, she brought even more class to Boston’s classiest club and the packed audience ate up every bit of it! From the playful and subtle “How Am I To Know?” to a peppy and gently scolding “Beautiful Friendship,” Horn wrapped her warm, continental vocals around a variety of standards and contemporary classics. Calling her set list live from her seat, Horn did more with a subtle nod of the head or a knowing hum than most other artists can do with pyrotechnics and dance teams. While “Take It Easy” followed its own directions, “Old Man” swung on the porch with a barroom piano and disconnected brushes. And though Horn’s whispery delivery was at times overwhelmed by her trio’s taut percussion, bubbly syncopated bass and darkly twinkling keys, she kept the crowd’s rapt attention and rewarded them with favorite after favorite. An acappella rendition of “Yesterday” absolutely silenced the room, which was otherwise filled with toe-tapping and wildly applauding fans. After, “Get Out” - the “Killer Joe” Blues about urban isolation – Horn returned to her retrospective theme with “The Waiting Game.” Finishing her reassuring toast “Here’s To Life” with a final wave of her velvet gloved hand, Horn reached out to each and every guest and touched their ears and hearts one more time before being escorted off stage amidst a throng of cheering attendants.

- Matthew S. Robinson
c. 2004, M. S. Robinson, ARR


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