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Gonzalo Silva


Gonzalo Silva

November 26, 2005 @ Club Passim

Having reemerged from the subway tunnels, Boston-bred (by way of Berklee) busker Gonzalo Silva wowed a sold out Club Passim with his four-string serenades. After a short introductory set by long-time sideman Noah Maltsberger - who offered a random run of reverberant riffs, including a tricky take on “Autumn Leaves” – Silva ambled onstage to begin what would be a casual, provocative, and impressive improvisational set. The opening track from his latest CD (appropriately entitled “Busker”) – “Take Me to the Sun” – sparkled in Silva’s sharp eyes, and as he laid his husky head voice over such other original compositions as the outcast celebration “Gotta Give It Up” and the multi-generational anthem “Abundant Lack of Motivation,” his fingers fell about the frets in slightly syncopated explorations. While “Laid” danced along a number of lyrical lines, “Despiertate” presented a beautiful bilingual blues broken by extended arpeggios and “Can’t Go” offered even more energetic angles. The barred chords and exposed whispers of “Vulnerable” were followed by the peppier pacings of “Favorite Waitress.” In between his songs, Silva chatted with the crowd, sharing his views on the media and the life of the professional artist. After presenting his sole cover, an original and fresh take on The Police’s “So Lonely” (complete with a slappy island rhythm coda), Silva whet appetites with a preview of his forthcoming album by way of the spiritual “Rescue Me”. With no train to break his stride or to overpower his thoughtful lyrics, Silva gave everything he could, rolling along late into the night. When the ride was over, there was no screeching of brakes, but the roar of the crowd was nearly as loud.

- Matthew S. Robinson
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