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Ed Gerhard


Ed Gerhard

January 4, 1998 @ Club Passim

Despite an unfortunate lack of publicity for this 'record release,' a respectable group gathered at Cambridge's Club Passim to witness the stringed wonder of luthier Ed Gerhard. Casual and loquacious, Mr. Gerhard took his listeners through selections from his most recent holiday recording, On A Cold Winter's Night , and the album which was supposed to have been 'released' at this show, Counting The Ways (Love Songs) (see review), as well as other requests and favorites. Playing his prepared signature 6- and 12-string sets as well as a buzzy and scratchy Hawaiian lap steel, Gerhard presented tributes to the Beatles and the late Michael Hedges along with an array of enthralling arrangements which ranged from gentle and graceful to eye-poppingly intricate. Highlights included a stirring rendition of "The Water Is Wide" and an amazing but as yet unnamed piece soon to be titled and taped. Near as entertaining were Gerhard's impressions and insights on such varied topics as Nyquil and Jewel (both of whom Mr. Gerhard would rather do without!). Despite respiratory problems, which not only made his voice sound like local radio personality Robert J. Lurtsema but which also forced him to cut his performance a bit short, most of Gerhard's performance was tuneful, lyrical and fun!

- Matthew S. Robinson
1998 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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