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Gavin DeGraw


Gavin DeGraw

January 14, 2005 @ The Fleet Center


In an effort to entice new fans to come out for Celtics games, the folks at The Fleet Center (working title), along with local radio station Kiss 108and Verizon Wireless, put rising star Gavin DeGraw on a miniature stage behind one of the nets for a musical double shot. With his sparklingly soulful vocals and angular piano work, DeGraw wowed the halftime crowd with his hit single "Wanna Be." Though the muddy guitar lent edge to what began as a pianistic solo rendition, the vocal pile-on robbed the chorus of its individualistic anthem. When DeGraw and co. came back after the game, however, the mix was much more balanced, coursing from the rollicking changes of "Crush" to soulful funk of "Chemical Party" and the arresting love song "Baby Iím a Cop." Though a medley of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" and "Proud Mary" lost some of Gavinís younger fans (many of whom were to be found singing every other lyric), the unbalanced duet with Celtic center Walter McCarty of "Follow Through" got everyone together and the groovy closer "Chariot" (the title track to DeGrawís recently platinum-ed debut album) carried them away. Now if only the Celtics could find such winning ways!

- Matthew S. Robinson
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