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Mose Alison


Mose Alison

October 22, 2005 @ Scullers

There were few better places to be for the weekend of the famed Head of the Charles Regatta than the award-winning Scullers Jazz Club, overlooking the Charles River where said race takes place while listening to the contemporary timelessness of Mississippi sage Mose Alison.

From the swagger of “Fools Paradise” to the bassy bounce of ”Look What You Made Me Do,” Alison worked his dipping baritone and firmly tinkling fingers through a near nonstop jukebox of hip and insightful tunes, showing time and again that there is a heckuvalot more to write about than just love. In addition to the Randy Newman-esque “Ever Since the World Ended” and Gov. Jimmy Davis’ “You Are My Sunshine,” Alison also offered a paced run through John Loudermilk’s “You Call It Jogging” and a cool and breezy stroll around George Perlman’s “Indian Summer.” “Everybody’s Crying Mercy” was as pertinent as ever and “Your Molecular Structure” may have been all the more appropriate considering that MIT was an oarstroke away. In any case, Alison offered something for everyone in his multi-generational audience. In fact, despite the fact that his rhythm section was made up of what the septugenarian Southern gentleman might call “yung’uns,” this cleverly self-proclaimed “Certified Senior Citizen” left them half a beat behind time after time, showing that he has not lost a lick of timing over the course of his long and storied career.

- Matthew S. Robinson
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