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Todd Thibaud


Todd Thibaud – Little Mystery
Doolittle/Mercury, 1999, Roots Rock

Laden with arrestingly smart images like “I count my blessings on a napkin ring,” Todd Thibaud combines intelligent songwriting with comfortably familiar sounds in an album which hearkens to his Roots roots while looking to the future of AAA-rated music. Composed mostly of powerful balladry and slow, circling rolls such as the instrumentally spare beats of “Anywhere,” the throat-catching washes of “Suppose,” the solitary duet of “Total Stranger” (which features fellow Bostonian Merrie Amsterberg) and the simple poetry of the title track, Thibaud also shoots some heavier drive into more up tempo offerings like “Suffer Me” and the countrified slider “It’s Only Me.” Thibaud’s buzzy, twangy head voice and meaningfully home-grown compositions combine elements of Deep Blue Something, The Boss, Richard Shindell, and even a bit of Mr. Diamond. Particularly reminiscent are the Cowboy Junkie fix “Last Thing That I Need,” the Mellencamp-y “Finer Things” and the crow counting number “Finding Out.” While many of the songs are also suggestive of each other , the common threads are strong and supportive. They are the strands of sound which unite us and which keep the weave of music broad and bright.

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 1999 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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