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Brandan Sweeney


Brandan Sweeney – Stranger Than You

That Brandan Sweeney’s album is richly impressive is saying one thing, but to note that it was recorded in Sweeney’s bedroom is adding quite another dimension! From Epiphones, Rickenbackers, Fenders and Guilds to Moogs, Rolands and Rhodes, recorded whale calls and techno trash lids (not to mention salt and pepper shakers and a kazoo!), Brandan combines a variety of old and new audio systems to create lush soundscapes worthy of Pink Floyd. Other apparent influences include Alice In Chains (especially in the vocal department), Stone Temple Pilots (see “Swim”) and Sting (whose “All This Time” is appropriated in “I Believe”) and a touch of ancestral solo master Gary Neumann. However, despite knowing nods to other artists, Sweeney is able to palate his musical command and knowledge (fostered as a founding member of Notary Public and Karmasonic) and paint original hues and washes of sound. From the tight choral harmonies of “Alcohol” and the driving pulses of “Hang On” and the fleeting “Tyme” to the strummy “High Noon” and “I Am Alive Again” and from the regimented beat of “Home” and the technoed trance of “Who Took The Light” to the watery “Swim” and the sleepy bed-bouncer “Dreamtime” (with its hopeful “You Are My Sunshine” coda), Sweeney is also able to offer a variety of varieties in this baker’s dozen of well-crafted and well-arranged songs.

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 1999 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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