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Martin Sexton


Martin Sexton - Black Sheep
11-Track CD
Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Concord, MA and Sound Techniques, Boston, MA
Engineered and Mixed by Carl Beatty and Dave Kirkpatrick, Crit Harmon and Eric Kilbourne
Produced by Crit Harmon

As one of 14 children, Martin Sexton has often had to rise above the crowd in order to be noticed Fortunately, this task has posed little difficulty for the Syracuse native who has become one of Boston favorite adopted sons. Starting out as a self-proclaimed quiet and reserved child with "just a pipe dream and my guitar" and no formal vocal training, Sexton has developed a voice and a sound which cannot be ignored. Whether it be in subway tunnels or music halls, Sexton's whisper and wail always draw a crowd, and the crowd always leaves enlightened, enraptured and enriched. Sexton has won 1994 "Artist of the Year" honors from the National Academy of Songwriters and a number of Boston Music Awards. His songs have appeared on local collections such as "This is Boston...Not Austin - Volume 1" and "The Vineyard Sound - Music From Martha's Vineyard - Volume 3" and also on "The Performing Songwriter's Editor's Choice of Top 12 DIYs Compilation - Volume 2" and the soundtrack to the 20th Century Fox feature "Two Days in the Valley."
Combining the silk, soul, scat and smolder of Van Morrison, the Reverend Al Green, Aaron Neville, Ray Charles and Stevie Ray Vaughan in an original array of diverse styles ranging from Gospel and bluesy Soul to Folk, Gypsy and even Vaudeville, Sexton's "Black Sheep" is a true to life spice of life album which amazes and satisfies throughout. From the opening stories of leaving one's home and making one's way to the touching tales of love and loss, Sexton's voice shares the joys and pains of the life experience with pathos and passion.
Though he has a publishing arrangement with industry behemoth Sony Music, Sexton has set himself apart from the large Boston talent pool in another way by choosing a local label over a number of national affiliates (and still making it on Billboard's "Heetseeker" list) . If Sexton is any indication, being the "black sheep" may not be a bad thing after all.

- Matthew S. Robinson
1997 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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