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Jim’s Big Ego


Jim’s Big Ego - Y2K Hooray!
(Big Ego Media)
Recorded and mixed by Duclisle at Room 9 from Outerspace, Brian Doser at My Other Hat Studios, Nay Kid Tim at T.T. the Bear’s and by Jim Infantino
Mastered by Henk Kooistra at 9West Mastering

Who better but cerebral wunderkind Jim Infantino to give us the straight dope on the end of the world? And on this five-song EP, he does it not once, but twice! Opening with a masterfully mastered drum loop and bass trio of the title track, Jim goes back to his mellow roots to preview a new song which will make its official debut on JBE’s next full-length. While “Y2K Hooray!” is frenetically anxiety-producing, “Stay In Love” in strummily reassuring. While one poses no answers except to give in and in fact cheer on our impending doom, the other asks us to focus on priorities as we prepare for the next day, let alone the next millennium. Splitting the EP is a split medley of Kurt Cobain and The Gap. “Smells Like Big Chinos” lets Infantino take his razor wit simultaneously to the late Mr. Cobain and the folk music world and then lets him sew reading lamps to his belt and go about his khaki way. As “Stay In Love” will appear on Jim’s next album, “Ahead of the Curve” was first heard on the Ego’s latest collection, “Don’t Get Smart.” This solo take loses the trio punch provided by Jesses Flack and Vena, but the open mic feel hearkens back again to earlier Infantino-isms. Ending nearly where it began, the EP closes with a home-recorded 4-track of “Y2K” whose bug-filled choruses lead to a finish which is all the more appropriately sudden and confusing.
Buy your tickets for the end of the world, but get a hold of its theme song first!

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 1999 M. S. Robinson, ARR


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