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Boy Wonder


Boy Wonder – Break The Spell, Etc.

Opening with a vibe somewhere between The Who’s “Substitute” and Elvis Costello’s “Peace, Love and Understanding,” Boy Wonder’s title track combines Paula Kelley’s cute, heady vocals with bright guitar and airy Beach Boy harmonies. Driven by Bruce Caporal’s drum corps rolls, “The End of My Line” opens up into a playful bass and piano tune with chimney guitar accents. Comprised greatly of a set of mellow and thin two voice verses which resolve to the same repetitive chorus, “Over Your Head” has a promising Tommy gun drum break which never really amounts to much of a change. “X-Large” is a peepy popper featuring doo-woppy backing peeps and a driving rhythm matched by equally paced vocals. Definitely the most fun song on the EP! However, let us not count out the honorable tribute to Flo and Eddie through The Turtles’ classic “Elenore.” Bringing the album back to the realm of the very familiar, Boy Wonder’s rendition is full, true and well-conceived, demonstrating their lack of pretense and willingness to tip the hat to their musical heroes.

- Matthew S. Robinson
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