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Angry Salad


Angry Salad - Angry Salad
1999 – Pop

Opening with the radio-ready John Mellencamp-meets-The Four Seasons jumpy jam of “The Milkshake Song,” Brown University’s most pop-ular alums bounce through a mostly upbeat set of toe-tappers which draw familiarly from old faves. After an unassuming piano intro, the eerily provocative “How Does It Feel To Kill” revvs into a guitar attack straight from “Detroit Rock City” before slapping into a midwestern crunch. Similarly, “Rico” opens gently before picking up some intensity and “Scared of Highways” pairs a sharp rhythm with smoothly anxious lyrics. Though named for (and briefly mentioning) a favorite boyhood toy, “Stretch Armstrong” is more a gently Cure-d Counting Crowes-y roller about break-ups with a lyrical nod to Kris Kristofferson. Taking the cover idea to an illogical conclusion, Angry Salad tries their capable (and, at times, comical) hand at the bilingual 80’s popper “99 Luft (Red) Ballo(o)n(s).” Salad’s strong storytelling is demonstrated in “Saturday Girl,” a gently stroking tale of depression and “Cuckoo’s Nest” resistance, and in “Coming To Grips,” a subtle story of Cindy Oleo, the neighborhood lesbian and “margarine girl.” “The author of the book of love…never wrote a chapter about this” vocalist Bob Whelan notes before paraphrasing again (this time, Joe Jackson). Closing out the eponymous debut is the cracked and sprawling six-minute send-off “Red Cloud,” a long low end to a catchy and cleverly current collection.

- Matthew S. Robinson
© 1999 M. S. Robinson, ARR

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